Taxi fare 2015

Here you have the pricing for any taxi in Madrid city. Official information got from


The amount payable is the amount shown on the meter plus, where applicable, the corresponding supplements that can only be counted on the taximeter with receipt printer. Tolls are paid by the traveler, if he has ordered or accepted the appropriate way. 



The meter will start counting when the passenger and baggage are properly installed, except for the services contracted by telephone or electronic means radio station starting in place of starting the vehicle. Fees in Madrid (Area Joint Provision, APC in spanish) are unified.






Rate 1 2.40 euros   1.05 euros 20,50 euros
Rate 2 2.90 euros   1.20 euros 23.50 euros

Rate 3 (Minimum Amount

Departure airport)

20 euros 10 Km 1.05 euros 20,50 euros
Rate 4 (Fixed Fee airport) 30 euros      
  • Rate 1: applies from Monday to Friday from 7-21 hours.
  • Rate 2: daily from 21 shall apply to 7 pm and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 7-21 hours.
  • Rate 3 (minimum Carrera airport) will apply 24 hours every day of the year for the services to staging points in the airport's passenger terminals with less than 10 km route. Overcome 10 km. (Or equivalent starting time), the meter continue to account for the rate that applies to you, being reflected in the tariff corresponding module. 
    The minimum fare from the airport is not applicable to the services contracted by telephone, radio station or electronically.
  • Rate 4 (fixed rate airport) will apply 24 hours every day of the year for services to or from the airport or from the inner area of the M-30. 

    This rate does not allow the amount of any supplement or of the amount set for the contracted services by phone, radio station or electronically. 

    In the services contracted by telephone, radio station or electronic means, if getting to the meeting point at the agreed time is not the passenger will proceed to start a service where appropriate by the day and the hour rate, leaving the meter computing by hourly price until the arrival of the traveler, then apply the corresponding Fixed Rate. 

Maximum amounts for services agreed

In the services contracted by telephone, electronically or radio station, the meter starts to count from the place of departure of the vehicle can reach a maximum between the quantity of the appropriate service startup to 5 euros when the pickup point is within the Zone A and between the amount of service initiation and 8 euros when the collection point is in Zone B.

Drag rates

The price per hour of service (temporary rate) applies where the running speed is less than the following trawl gear speeds:

  • Tarifa 1 to 19.52 km / h
  • Tarifa 2 to 19.58 km / h

The rate of change of speed drag is obtained by dividing the value corresponding to the time tariff (hourly service) by the amount of the fee based on the distance (kilometer tariff) value. 

When the flow velocity is lower than the rate of change of drag calculation of the fare it is based on the application rate and the time when the speed exceeds the speed of change of drag this calculation is based on the application of the kilometric rate. 


  • 5,50 euros: Travel stationed in the passenger terminals Adolfo Suarez-Barajas Airport, unless they apply rates 3 or 4.
  • 3 euros: Travel originating in railway stations of Atocha and Chamartin, bus stations Méndez Alvaro and Avenida de America.
  • 3 euros: Travel to or from the grounds of the Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I (IFEMA).
  • 6.70 euros: Travel on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve ending between 21 pm the same day and 7 am the following day.
  • 1 euros / seat: By occupation from the fifth seat of the vehicle.

* The maximum number of supplements receivables is six. However during periods of Christmas and New Year, you may charge up to seven supplements. The airport supplement can be charged only once. The fee for occupation from fifth in the vehicle can be applied up to four times per service 9 seater vehicles. 

Travel outside the Area Joint Provision (APC)

For journeys from the output of the Joint Provision Area (APC) to the destination outside it, the rates of the Order of the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Housing of the Community of Madrid on tariff regime intercity services apply autotaxi, BOCM No. 287 of December 3.


Rights traveler

  • Get a ticket service that contains the minimum data set out in Article 22 of the Taxi Regulation Ordinance. In case of failure of the printer, you are entitled to obtain a receipt with the same data as the ticket.
  • Upon payment of the bill by credit card and debit on vehicles that have permitted reading.
  • Luggage transport. They are also entitled to collect the baggage driver, placing it in the trunk of the car and give it to the end of service.
  • Choose the path it deems most appropriate.
  • Receive service vehicles with the necessary conditions in terms of hygiene and conservation status, both exterior and interior.
  • Request that raise or lower the volume of the radio and other audio and video devices that might be installed on the vehicle, or that they are off.
  • Request that the interior light comes on when the user has visibility difficulties, both to raise or lower the vehicle and at the time of payment.
  • Free transport guide dogs.
  • Be addressed during the service with the proper correction by the driver.
  • Opening and closing the rear doors during the service, provided that the vehicle is stopped and traffic conditions permit and require the opening or closing of the rear and front windows, as well as air conditioning systems of the it is provided the vehicle and may even alighting at no cost to the user, requiring the implementation of the air conditioning system or air conditioning at the beginning of the service will not operate.
  • Choose the taxi, except in airports, railway or bus stations, taxi with which to receive service.
  • Order the book claims, which may expose any complaint about the service.
  • Receive answers to the claims that it makes. 

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